Hook up ethernet to mac

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Connect a P800 Printer to Mac Via ethernet directly?

In my case, as the bird flies, they're probably etbernet feet away from each other, but the cable would block the entrance to my seat my computer is on the table in back of Hook up ethernet to mac. I ordered an ethernet printer cable. I can't figure out how ethernef connect the two. I called Epson tonight and u; another representative who wanted me to read all the contents of every screen I was on on the printer itself. Etheret didn't sound very knowledgeable either. He had me try a few things, then it seem like something dawned on him and he said I would need a router to hook them up. My router is downstairs, so that's not going to happen.

My question to this group is, can I hook my computer and printer up via an ethernet without a router? Connect a P Printer to Mac Via ethernet directly? If you use a network address range at home of say You should then be able to ping Thank you for answering my question. I can get into my modem using I think what you're saying is that both my computer and printer need to have that the same ip address Can you give me an idea of how to pick the netmask number? I have quite a few wireless computers in the same room. I'm assuming I would not go into my modem, but would only make changes in the Printer's Driver Menu under Printers and Scanners somewhere?

Networking It seems that you need the Internet to do anything productive these days. Manufacturers expect you to either buy a wireless card after you find this out or share your wireless connection from another computer. The second method works well the other way, too: So how do you set up all these fancy features? Internet Sharing Explained Suppose that you have an old notebook PC sitting on your desk, unable to connect to WiFi due to its lack of modern hardware. It does, of course, have an ethernet port. Using that, you can connect your Mac to the wired notebook and connect it to the Internet quickly.

An Apple AirPort Extreme that's full of ethernet devices. Another way of using Internet sharing is as a replacement for Hook up ethernet to mac router. Usually, a router would broadcast a signal to computers in its radius and allow them to connect to the Internet. It simply receives the Internet connection from the modem through ethernet and distributes it properly using the built-in WiFi card. I do not recommend leaving the computer on constantly because it will drain the life of the components. First, launch the System Preferences app and open the Sharing pane. Select Internet Sharing to begin configuring the connection.

Adjust Sharing Options Adding security settings to my wireless network. This will allow all traffic from other devices to also run through the VPN. With the wired portion set up, check the box beside Wi-Fi. To add security to and change the name of your wireless network, click Wi-Fi Options in the bottom right corner of the window. As for security, the only option available is WPA2 Personal.