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He says a quick hello to his hometown, to the crowd in one of the first bars ni ever played as Whitey Morgan, and then they are off. People in the front sing along to every word. There are occasional breaks in the show. A few are chances for Morgan to let the audience know that, should any hhe them feel inclined to buy him a shot Beautiful lady in the flint michigan lounge saturday night anything from Kentucky, he will not refuse them. Shot glasses crowdsurf to the stage. But more often he takes a moment to share with his audience their collective lament and struggle. Flint native Whitey Morgan prepares to take a whiskey shot bought for him by a fan while talking to the crowd during a show at The Machine Shop in Flint, MI on May 1, Later in the show, he breaks again.

He told Nashville how he felt about what he thought was going on. Mostly, he said it was fucked. Before the show is over, Doug Suiter is on his feet, dancing by himself in his work boots. Records of the country and bluegrass greats, as well as his guitar and banjo, sat in the cold basement of his south side home where no grandchild would dare go without permission.

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The same went for his El Camino, which no one was allowed to touch, let alone drive. Ditto the lawn mower. He had a pattern, a way of mowing that no one else could be trusted with. He would say hello to his Xl dating site, Kerry Allen, who worked there, and order biscuits and gravy that he would wash down with a glass of buttermilk. After his surgery, he changed his morning routine by precisely three words: There was a time when Flint was so full of country music brought north it was its own incubator of the genre.

In Beautiful lady in the flint michigan lounge saturday night, he went to Nashville to play in a band put together by Mickey Gilley, and at least one talent scout from a record company had his eye on him. Flint, in fact, had already made a significant and lasting contribution to country, giving it what is perhaps its most defining instrument, the steel guitar. The steel guitar is now an inseparable component of country, whether onstage with Morgan or with the most popular Nashville stars. For a long time it was more of a pure country. Garth Brooks had brought country into the spotlight, but it was a different country than what Couch had been playing for two decades, different than what was playing on record players in the basements of people like William Morgan and onstage at the country bars that were one by one disappearing in Flint.

The Wagon Wheel Lounge declared bankruptcy back in The Russelville Ballroom in would turn into Club Spice, a venue that promised to stay true to country but began showcasing just about any other genre of music you could think of. That same year, they hosted a boxing match. The address now belongs to a strip club. Someone from RCA told Couch he sang good enough to sell records. He sang during a benefit for retired entertainers on the Grand Ole Opry stage, a lifelong dream. And then, sometime later, he came home. Country music had changed. They listened to it as they continued to build cars, to have children and eventually grandchildren.

In Whitey Morgan released a bare bones album of nine covers and two original songs. He dedicates everything to him. It was there that Eric Allen started playing in bands, experimenting with different songs and instruments. He started at the Local playing bass in a hardcore band called Spit. The band was straight-edge — no drugs, nothing in a bottle from Kentucky. And when that band died he moved on to drum in another indie band, Kid Brother Collective, and toured the country. He picked up the guitar, which he still has, and began to play.

Following Kid Brother Collective, he started Dixie Hustler, a southern rock band, before he turned fully to country. Then, about ten years ago, Allen realized he had to make a choice. He was working in a body shop painting and playing gigs on weekends, being pulled between his normal working life and his music. He sold almost all of his tools, bought a trailer and music gear, and hit the road. He was Whitey Morgan. He is standing in the back of the bar on a raised platform behind the sound booth where tables line the walls full of Whitey Morgan gear — CDs, shirts, beer cozies. Many people have already gone home.

Suiter is nowhere in sight, on his way home with his new CDs. Some people are still shopping. The rest are in line, waiting their turn. That's why we offer so many different specials and options for everyone who walks through our door. Come in after work for 3: Ladies, you're up next with your Happy Hour happening 3: We also offer daily food specials, beer specials, live entertainment, and to boot, we're a bar with a pool table. Ask about our pool and dart leagues. Come by during our next Happy Hour and sign up! Everyone there is friendly and it's just a fun atmosphere!!! We especially love the owners Mike and Marsha, they are wonderful people!!!!

I have been going there for years and it's still the only place I go! And can not forget the beautiful Brooke who does the karaoke!! I can't say enough about this place. Adults of all ages will love this place!