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Some are privately owned, others were declared a state heritage and transformed into Environmental Protection Areas or ecological stations. Other islands are the patrimony of 12 municipalities located around the bay. Only a few are uninhabited and many have small communities where the natives live on fishing and tourism. All have common characteristics, such a calm sea, dense vegetation, especially coconuts and bananasas well as vestiges of the Atlantic Forest. The name of the area refers to the cultivation of the palm oilor Elaeis guineensislikely imported from West Africa. It is connected to Salvador and the southern part of the state by ferryboats and the Bahia brazilian dating de girl in salvador highway, the second ecological highway along the Bahian coast, which connects the southern coastline and the extreme southern part of the state.

Walking along paths in the forest or along the beaches, horseback riding along the coast, boat trips up the vast number of rivers are some of the options that the region offers. Highway BA links the municipalities, nearly always bordering the coastline. The most important locations at Cacao Coast are: Church in Porto Seguro. The Discovery Coast preserves, virtually intact, the landscape seen by the Portuguese fleet described in the first pages of the history of Brazil. Over land and sea the excursions are always associated with nature, and there are various types of water sports, walks, trips on horseback, surfing and deep sea diving.

Recife de Fora, Coroa Alta and Trancoso for one day schooner excursions. Whale Coast[ edit ] The Abrolhos archipelago in the extreme southern part of Bahia is an ecotourism attraction for diving and whale watching. Whales are frequent between July and November. This region contains one of the largest concentrations of fish, in terms of volume and variety, per square meter on the planet. Always know your surroundings, and be skeptical of others. Salvador is generally divided into two main parts: The Upper City, and the Lower City.

You want no part of the lower city. It is incredibly impoverished, and crime is rampant. There is no reason to go.

Fortunately, the Upper City exists, and is the reason why Salvador is the largest tourist destination in the Northeast. During the day there is plenty of leisure to be had, whether at Bahia brazilian dating de girl in salvador bar or shopping. Pelourinho is basically the city center, and is popular for foreigners at night. Buses can bring you there during the day, but only cabs are out at night. In fact, always take a cab at night. If you arrive to your destination or suggested stop from your taxi, and it looks mostly deserted for the night, go somewhere else. You are looking for trouble. The most popular and safest area in the city is Rio Vermelho.

Bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants — everything, and in well lit, beautiful coastal areas. Two things you might want to have a grasp on before going: Portuguese, and Samba dancing. Remember, Salvador is more impoverished and more isolated than some of the more well-known Brazilian destinations. Samba is popular here, and is the best way to nonverbally communicate in a club, so brush up on it so you can put your skills to use. As far as the women go, the same general rules apply, only a bit more Portuguese-centered. Opt for the eye contact, heavy dancing strategy.

And as always, social circles are key. You need their approval. Walking around and looking for vibrancy is the best approach. This is actually a positive in a place like this.