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Hufford, asked the FBI for any clarification they might offer regarding these photos. The full text of this interesting letter is praifie here: Kennedy assassination, questions have arisen on certain FBI photographs. If these were, in fact, bullet holes, Casuao could be inferred that more than one gun was fired in the pantry during the assassination. Allard Lowenstein, Ambassador to the United Nations, among others, has maintained that a possibility exists that another assassin was present. Lowenstein and other critics of kw official version have referred to the above photographs as representing the official opinion of the FBI inasmuch as the captions se unequivocal in stating "bullet holes".

If the captions had said possible, probable, or apparent bullet holes, one could assume that no precise examination had taken place at the time the photographs were taken. However, the captions would lead one to believe that a determination had been made by someone with the requisite knowledge and Casual sex dating in prairie view ks 67664. The dilemma we are faced with is that the photograph captions are being used as biew of the official FBI position in the absence of any other official stated position. If, Sexiest nuded women fact, the FBI has no evidence that the questioned holes were bullet holes, we should know that so that the air may iin cleared.

It is therefore requested that the official position of the FBI regarding these bullet holes be relayed to this office. Thank you for your cooperation. In addition, new corroboration for this evidence came inwhen Vincent Bugliosi tracked down Martin Fiew, a waiter at the Ambassador and sexx eyewitness to the shooting. Patrusky gave Bugliosi a signed Orginal beauty sexy chat describing all the events he could recall that related to the assassination and its aftermath. He recounted being at the ka when a few days after the assassination, the LAPD arrived to do a reconstruction of the crime. Patrusky wrote, "Sometime during the incident, one of the officers pointed to two circled holes on the center divider of the swinging doors and told us that they had dug two bullets out of the center divide.

He added, in refutation to the hilarious claim that these holes were made by food carts, "There was no question in any of our minds as to the fact that they were bullet holes and were not caused by food carts or other equipment in the preparation room. On June 27,a destruction order was issued for the ceiling panels and doorjambs which had been removed from the Ambassador and booked into evidence. Ten bullets and likely more would indicate that at least two guns were being fired in the pantry that night, and that a conspiracy had been at work. Random House,p. Morrow was sued by a person he claims in this book was the real killer, using a special camera that was rigged to fire bullets Morrow is himself an ex-CIA operative who claims to have known of such weapons.

Morrow lost his suit. As a result of this lawsuit, the judgment required Morrow to destroy all remaining copies of this book. Paul Schrade in a petition to the Superior Court of California. Philip Melanson, The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination New York: SPI Books, p. I have yet to find any official response in any of the files I have viewed. Philip Melanson discovered this letter and wrote about it The Robert F. He pursued this by writing the FBI in He received a response from Assistant Director William M. Baker, who stated, "Neither the photographic log nor the photographs were ever purported to be a ballistics report," an interesting non-denial of the evidence.

Turner and Christian, p. The man who knocked over the people while running out of the room was Michael Wayne, a curious figure to be discussed in the second half of this article to follow in the next issue of Probe. Melanson, The Robert F. Klaber and Melanson, Shadow Play: The Murder of Robert F. Klaber and Melanson, p. LAPD case summary, p. Fisher was the Maryland Coroner who made the preposterous claim that a bound, gagged, and weighted man found in the ocean was really a suicide victim, the sensitively positioned CIA officer William Paisley. Fisher, inwas part of the Clark Panel, a panel convened to examine the autopsy photographs from the John Kennedy assassination. The Clark panel had suspicious origins, and was timed to discredit the growing voices critical of the Warren Report, as well as the investigation of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison.

Both Finck and Fisher provided advice and assistance in the autopsy of Robert Kennedy. Barnes,pp. Warren Commission Hearings, Vol. No fingerprints of any kind were recovered from the gun, despite it having been held by Sirhan, Grier, Johnson, Barry, and others at the shooting range earlier that day. He told her he had the gun number, and gave her his unlisted number, saying if she called he would read to her the number. Do not republish or copy this material in any form, electronic or otherwise, without written permission from CTKA.

Indeed, there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that Sirhan was firing blanks. If Sirhan did not shoot Kennedy, who did? Before one considers the above issues, one larger issue stands out. If Sirhan did not kill Kennedy, how has the cover-up lasted this long? In the end, that question will bring us closer to the top of the conspiracy than any other. No matter who was involved, if there were a will to get to the bottom of this crime, the evidence has been available. The fact that no official body has ever made the effort to honestly examine all the evidence in this case is nearly as chilling as the original crime itself, and points to a high level of what can only be termed government involvement.

In the history of this country and Caxual the sixties, prajrie entity stands out beyond sating others as having the means, the motive, and the opportunity to orchestrate this crime and continue prairis cover-up to this very day. But the evidence will point its own fingers; it remains only for us to follow wherever the ke Casual sex dating in prairie view ks 67664. Prairif Artists It has often been said that a successful conspiracy requires not artful planning, but rather control of the investigation that follows. In other words, a small handful of people were capable of keeping information that would point to conspirators prairrie of the public eye.

SUS members predominantly came from military backgrounds. Reserve for eight more. Frank Patchett, the man who turned the Kennedy "head bullet" over to DeWayne Wolfer after it had taken a trip to Washington with an FBI man, had spent four years in the Navy, where his specialty was Cryptography. Manuel Pena and Hank Hernandez. Pena had quite the catbird seat. A chart from the LAPD shows that all investigations were funneled through a process whereby all reports came at some point to him. He then had the sole authority for "approving" the interviews, and for deciding whether or not to do a further interview with each and every witness.

In other words, if you wanted to control the flow of the investigation, all you would have to do is control Lt. In a similarly powerful position, Sgt. In other words, whether a witness was lying or telling the truth was left to the sole discretion of Hernandez. In addition, the manner of the polygraph operator will do much to assuage or create fear and stress in the person being polygraphed. In addition, no less than William Colby himself said it is possible to beat the machine with a few tricks. For these and other reasons, no court in America allows the results of polygraph tests to be used as evidence.

Because of their prominent roles in the cover-up, the background of Pena and Hernandez has always been of special interest.

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Pena has an odd background indeed. According to Robert Houghton, he "spoke French and Spanish, and had connections with various intelligence agencies in several countries. On some assignments Pena worked with Dan Mitrione, the CIA man assassinated by rebels in Uruguay for his role in teaching torture to the police forces there. During his session with Sandy Serrano, he told her that he had once been called to Vietnam, South America and Europe to perform polygraph tests. He also claimed he had been called to administer a polygraph to the dictator of Venezuela back when President Betancourt came to power. But within a short time after the assassination, Hernandez had moved to a place that has a higher income per capita then Beverly Casual sex dating in washington dc 20068 He came into possession of a security firm and handled large accounts for the government.

Another Casual sex dating in prairie view ks 67664 position in the cover-up would necessarily have been the office of the District Attorney, then occupied by J. Pena took a special interest in getting rid of the story of the girl in the polka dot dress. Greer wife fucking no investigation could be considered fully under control if one did not also have control over the defense investigators. Why did Cooper not act on this very important information? Was Cooper truly serving Sirhan, or was Cooper perhaps beholden to a more powerful client?

Just what kind of representation did Sirhan receive? Casual sex dating in prairie view ks 67664 were—in order of their Site de rencontre polynesie francaise in the case—A. Who were these people? Al Wirin showed up. Consider the following information from Mark Lane: Wirin made an impassioned plea for support for the findings Alicia keyes dating the commission He said, his voice rising in an earnest plea: He saved us from a pogrom. He saved our nation. God bless him for what he has done in establishing that Oswald was the lone assassin.

I asked but one question: I still would say so. Given the evidence, such a confession is of little value, since no matter what Sirhan thought, he could not have been the shooter. But more troubling is the fact that an ACLU lawyer would share a comment made by a prisoner in confidence to what he thought was a legal representative there to help him. And when Sirhan requested a couple of books relating to the occult shortly after his arrest, Wirin felt the need to report this to the media. How Robert Blair Kaiser entered the case is a bit fuzzy. But according to Kaiser, he had injected himself into the case right after the assassination.

Upon hearing of the assassination, he claimed he "choked, cried, cursed, and, instead of sitting there weeping in front of the TV, tried to do something. Saidallah did not want his picture taken. The LAPD record states: He answered the door and just as he unlocked the screen, the door was kicked open. Kaiser claims this event never Married dating in orfordville. But how could he know? During the call, Kaiser mentioned that he had discussed the case with Grant Cooper, a well-known Los Angeles criminal attorney. It seemed everyone wanted Cooper in this case, including Cooper himself.

Cooper had an interesting background. He had, but a year earlier, gone all the way to Da Nang, Vietnam to defend a Marine corporal on a murder charge before a military court. Why would a Los Angeles lawyer fly all the way to Vietnam to defend a man in military court? In connection with this case, Cooper himself obtained stolen grand jury transcripts by bribing a court clerk, a very serious not to mention illegal offense. In addition, Cooper had twice lied to a federal judge. The notion that he would volunteer to defend Sirhan at a time when his own legal troubles were raging around him is preposterous.

Something besides pity for a penniless, guilty-looking client was likely motivating Cooper. Parsons and Luke McKissack. Cooper chose Parsons, saying he did not know McKissack, but that he had " worked with Russ before. McCowan was an ex-Marine, an ex-cop and an ex-law student. In the SUS files, there are continual references to the "Kassab Report", a report of an investigation into "alleged ties between the J. Listed as being in the report are names such as Clay Shaw, Lyndon B. Kennedy, Jim Braden, Russell Parsons, and many others of interest to assassination researchers.

The report is over pages long, according to page references scattered among these files. Why was such a massive report compiled? Why do so many references to it appear in the SUS files? And why has the full Kassab report been suppressed to this day? McCowan had other problems to bring to the table beyond the Kassab deal. A former girlfriend of his notified the police that he kept a large stash of weapons in his residence. The police issued an order to investigate whether the weapons represented "loot" from other crimes, but asked that the investigation be kept quiet. At the time McCowan entered the Sirhan case, he was on a three-year probation, having appealed a five-year sentence he received in conjunction with theft and tampering with U.

Following his involvement in the Sirhan case, McCowan worked as a defense investigator for peace activists Donald Freed and Shirley Sutherland. Freed asked Jarrett to buy him a mace-like spray to use for defensive purposes. Jarrett instead presented Freed a brown-paper wrapped box of explosives while wearing a wire and attempting to get Freed to say that the "stuff" was for the Panthers. Freed was charged with illegal possession of explosives. McCowan was hired by the defense as an investigator. McCowan in turn hired Sam Bluth to assist the defense. But Bluth worked instead as a police informant, stealing defense files and witness lists and proffering them to the police. Williams had represented the Washington Post during its Watergate coverage while also representing the target of the break-in, the Democratic National Committee.

Williams in fact defended a number of CIA men. Williams had also defended Jimmy Hoffa when Robert Kennedy was aggressively pursuing him. Novello refused until Williams convinced her rightfully or wrongly that he and Bobby had made up in the wake of the Hoffa pursuit. Perhaps that is why Kaiser gave Sirhan Witness to read! Lastly, and perhaps importantly, Williams had become good friends with Robert Maheu, the man who had hired Roselli to kill Castro on behalf of the CIA. Six drowned in this incident. Berman was later accused by Cooper of leaking the story of a proposed plea bargain in which Cooper would plead Sirhan guilty to 1st degree murder in the hopes of avoiding a death sentence to the press during the trial.

Judge Walker claimed he had been told the source was Kaiser. The way Cooper gives in on an issue he has every reason to fight goes to the heart of the credibility of how well he defended his client. Here is the relevant section: It is our intention to call DeWayne Wolfer to testify with respect to his ballistics comparison. Some of the objects or exhibits that he will need illustrative of his testimony will You mean the surgeon took it from the body and this sort of thing? Well, with respect to the bullets or bullet fragments that came from the alleged victims, it is our understanding that there will be a stipulation that these objects came from the persons whom I say they came from.

So long as you make that avowal, there will be no question about that. Well, we have discussed the matter with Mr. Wolfer as to those envelopes containing those bullets or bullet fragments; he knows where they came from; the envelope will be marked with the names of the victims He kept the autopsy photos from being presented in court under the notion that they would cause sympathy for Kennedy and arouse even more ire against his client. But that was the evidence that could have been used to absolve Sirhan of guilt in the case. Cooper had every reason to bar these notebooks from being admitted into evidence, but he chose not only to admit them into evidence, but even had Sirhan read portions of them from the stand.

And it was Cooper who supplied Sirhan the motive he lacked, claiming that Sirhan was angry that RFK was willing to provide jets to Israel. Sirhan, lacking any memory of the crime or why he was there with a gun, readily accepted this in lieu of the only other explanation suggested to him, that he was utterly insane. In return for his access, he would work as an investigator for Sirhan. Yet Kaiser believes that Sirhan and Sirhan alone fired all the bullets in the pantry. Kaiser was also the first to bring attention to the strange behavior of Sirhan during the crime that so strongly suggested to Kaiser that he was under some sort of hypnotic influence.

The ballistics and forensic evidence indicates clearly that there was a conspiracy. The question has always been this: The Question of Hypnosis The defense team hired Dr. Bernard Diamond to examine Sirhan to ascertain his mental state, and to find out if Sirhan could be made to remember what happened under hypnosis. Every kid and they were all black in the school had to walk through metal detectors on the way into the building. I got to bypass the security and walk right in, even though I had no track record, and no one in the school had ever seen me before. That policy sent a bad message to the students.

Even those who were good students and played by the rules were treated as suspects. From that day on, I tried to go through the metal detectors anytime my students had to. I ve been thinking a lot about those days. As Jeff Deeney explains in The Atlantic: During renovations, they removed the metal detectors and barred windows. The police predicted chaos. The victims of the Boston Marathon bombing deserve our attention, and will continue to teach us about perseverance and the best parts of our common nature. But the dark stories of the bombing need to be told, too. And we need to hear them.

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