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Naked sport pictures Some are at the end of a long Skype connection in Afghanistan, others have left the military or are stationed stateside. Most of them share my anger and bitterness, generally feeling used and unwanted now that they need a job rather than rote praise and the promise of a parade. We Meant Well is, I think, pretty funny in parts. I recall writing it as an almost out-of-body experience as I tried to approach the sadness and absurdity of what was happening in Iraq with a sense of irony and black humor. As ex- All views expressed disclaimer soon-to-be-ex-government employees all, when we meet, we make small talk about All views expressed disclaimer, annuities, and the like.

No one speaks of revolution or anarchy, the image of Questions about dating websites the government often surreptitiously pushes to the media. After all, until we blew those whistles, we were all in our own ways believers in the American system. That, in fact, is why we did what we did. My new club-mates represent hundreds of years of service — a couple of them had had long military careers before joining the civilian side of government — and we cover a remarkably broad swath of the American political spectrum.

What we really have in common is that, in the course of just doing our jobs, we stumbled into colossal government wrongdoing systematized torture, warrantless wiretapping, fraud, and wastestood up for what is right in the American spirit, and found ourselves paying surprising personal prices for acts that seemed obvious and necessary. Each of us initially thought that the agencies we worked for would be concerned about what we had stumbled upon or uncovered and would want to work with us to resolve it. In meeting my club-mates, I learned that whistleblowers are not born, but created by a government with much to hide and an unquenchable need to hide it.

One of those whistleblowers, Jesselyn Radack, wrote a book about her experiences called Traitor: The Whistleblower and the American Taliban. Ignoring her advice, the government tossed away the rights of one of its own citizens. Radack herself was subsequently forced out the DOJ, harassed, and had to fight simply to keep her law license. As proof that God does indeed enjoy irony, Radack today helps represent most of the current crop of government whistleblowers including me in their struggles against the government she once served. Radack and I are now working with Academy Award-nominated filmmaker James Spione on a documentary about whistleblowers.

Given my situation, there is, of course, no desk to clean out; there are no knickknacks collected abroad over my 24 years to package up. Though I could be terminated by State within a few weeks, I am otherwise only months away from a semi-voluntary retirement. The State Department is all about wanting its words, not its actions, to speak loudest. Running parallel to the State Department termination process is an investigation by the Office of the Special Counsel into my claim of retaliation, which State is seeking to circumvent by tossing me out the door ahead of its conclusion.

State wants to use my fate to send a message to its already cowed staff. However, if the Special Counsel concludes that the State Department did retaliate against me, then the message delivered will be quite a different one. It just might indicate that the First Amendment still does reach ever so slightly into the halls of government, and maybe the next responsible Foreign Service Officer will carry that forward a bit further, which would be good for our democracy. One way or another, sometime soon the door will smack me in the backside on my way out. But whether the echo left behind inside the State Department will be one of justice or bureaucratic revenge remains undecided.

My book is written and my career is over either way. However, what is left behind matters not just for me, but for all of us. His book, We Meant Well: The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of the Department of State, or any other entity of the U. Completing Work for Prior Employer: When completing written work for a prior employer, employees must include a disclaimer to ensure that the work is not inappropriately attributed to the NIH, HHS, or the United States Government, even if the employee is permitted official time to complete the work.

The disclaimer makes it clear that the work is not an official government work. See also information on the Completing Work for Prior Employer page. Generally, when engaged in outside activities, employees may not use or reference their titles or NIH affiliation except as one of several biographical details and provided it is given no more prominence than other significant details. However, there are limited circumstances when employees may permit their titles to be used, as long as there is a prominent disclaimer, as explained below: Pat Jones works with another faculty member as part of his teaching at the local university as an approved outside activity. He and the other faculty member jointly prepare an article for publication in a scientific journal.

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He may use his official Government title but it must be accompanied by the following disclaimer, prominently placed so exoressed see it: Jones contributed to this article in his personal capacity. The ezpressed expressed are his own and do not necessarily represent the views of the National Institutes of Health or the United States Government. The Standards permit employees to use their official Government title in connection with outside activities that do not involve teaching, speaking or writing, provided the employee's title or position is not used in a manner that could reasonably be construed to imply that the employee's agency or the Government sanctions or endorses the employee's activities.