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We encourage local moms to join the conversation and look into ways of supporting organizations that help victims of oppression, humiliation and sexual violence. I don't think there's enough discussion about how to protect yourself and not get into situations that allow you to be so vulnerable.

Amber Rose SlutWalk

For Garcia, having her twins there meant giving the young girls an opportunity to grow up in Sluts in ca rnan "open minded environment". I'm Slutx so proud of her cw and the love she has for women. Rose attributes a incident in Toronto when a police officer told a crowd of college women that if they wanted to avoid sexual assault, they shouldn't dress like sluts— to one of her main reasons for creating the SlutWalk. When her exes had choice words for Rose, she began to aggressively speak out against derogatory comments aimed at women that are usually sexual in nature known as 'slut-shaming'.