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Those days, I used to think that we were kind of hoodwinking society. Now I don't think like that. But in those days, this feeling that I was a cheat always made me look around for affirmations of my duplicity. It's also stood strongly against the discrimination of transgender people in educational campuses. Inthe first transgender school opened in the city of Kochi, Kerala. The school prepares students for the 10th and 12th standard board exams, as well as, provides vocational skills training. The school welcomed 10 transgender students ranging from ages Of the 10 seats, we have reserved one for female-to-male and one for the disabled.

The school generally opens more opportunities for the community to gain an occupation and an education. This gained a lot of attention by going viral on social media. It was organized by the Social Justice Department, and around 30 representatives of the transgender community attended. During the workshop, they discussed proposals such as having identity cards for transgender people, developing a pension plan for those within the community who are over 60, implementation of skill development training programs, having scholarships and educational loans for transgender students, and provide driving lessons in order for transgender people to be employed as Uber drivers.

The clinic will have a panel of doctors who are specialized in the area. This is the first government clinic of its kind, and will focus on serving the transgender community, as well as open its doors to sex workers.