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Disabled parking permit

Local differences in parking rules In Londonthe volume of traffic has led to restrictions upon the national scheme in some areas with local colour schemes used to restrict standard concessions to local residents, for example the permits are green in Camdenwhite in Westminsterpurple in Kensington and Chelseaand red in the City of London. Since the cessation of the directgov service maps have been provided by online services such as the crowd-sourced BlueBadgeParking. Similar local schemes operate in other large towns or cities in the UK, for example Norwich operates a 'green badge scheme'.

A related issue is physician approval of permits for medical conditions that don't actually qualify under that jurisdiction's requirements. Four states include deafness, and two states Virginia and New York include mental illness or developmental disabilities as qualifying disabilities. European Union[ edit ] In the European Union EUa disabled parking permit allows partial or total exemption from charges or penalties associated with the parking of a motor vehicle used by a badge-holder, and shows entitlement to use of dedicated parking bays and off-street parking where they are provided.