Collegehumor dating your girlfriend

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It's not really clear what's going on with her. She won't look at you no matter what you do. You wave your arms, scream as loud as you can, but she stares straight ahead. It's okay though, she's probably just weird.

5 Stages of a Fight With Your Girlfriend

There's other fish in the proverbial sea. Just got to keep your head up. Alright, this is forming into a pattern and you feel very uncomfortable with that. Really hard not to take it personally after you've gone through Collegehumor dating your girlfriend a second time, you know? You've been watching what you eat lately, spending a lot of time outdoors, and frankly you're having a great hair day. Some girls have a specific type I guess. You are starting to get the feeling that all of these girls are in cahoots. Are you in cahoots? You declare it and therefore they must recognize it.

You feel really insecure about your new haircut. Friggin' cahoots, you say! Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. May Learn how and when to remove this template message CH original sketches, animations, and music One-off comedy sketches, cartoons and music videos written and produced by the in-house staff.

Written by Patrick Cassels, Emily AxfordAdam ConoverMike Trapp and Brian Murphy amongst othersthese sketches are designed to be more viral in nature than the site's other Collegehumor dating your girlfriend content. Hardly Working Sketches written by and starring the CH editorial staff, often filmed in their office. These videos usually depict the fictionalized odd activities Pinay chicks naked events that take place in the office on a daily basis. Jake and Amir Main article: The show depicts Jake as a regular guy constantly annoyed by Amir's idiotic antics, while Amir sincerely just wants to be good friends with Jake.

Jake and Amir was one of the most popular shows on College Humor. Along with taking home a Webby Award, the show possessed a large[ clarification needed ] fanbase. The show's final episode aired in April Full Benefits A series of sketches written by and starring Sarah Schneider and David Young about two coworkers and their attempts to keep their relationship hidden. Each episode usually begins with them waking up in the same bed after having one of their numerous one night stands. Do a few last-minute crunches so it looks like you have abs. Shower, blow-dry and style your hair.

Wake up from nap, blow your nose on the roll of toilet paper you keep by the bed. Put on the one fun, sexy bra you own. Put on the comfortable flesh-toned bra you bought with your mom. Order a beer because you're approachable and down to earth!