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Half of the fun, half the object is to see if you can get to your office without somebody harassing Austin texas hiddenvideo sex. Does his remedy go too far? And if you think about it, if every single member was facing this then, let me tell you, every one of them would be indignant about it. If they had to put up with it every single day, if the Senate had to put up with it every single day …. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, who defended the right to surreptitiously tape legislators, on the floor.

Basel said he understands the sense of discomfort. We know full Austin texas hiddenvideo sex. This happened after what happened with me in New Orleans. We became the story. But, he said, this is only the beginning, in Texas and elsewhere. Basel said the original idea was to target Congress. Journalists who chose more politically correct targets to do hidden video will be getting major journalist awards this year. Basel denies a political agenda. This was a dragnet. This was every single member and every single lobbyist. This had nothing to do with an agenda.

We have no agenda. But what about some of the big donors whose names have been revealed? At least three donors to the group that has been collecting video — sometimes secretly — of Texas legislators and lobbyists are tied together by a couple of common threads: Scott Turner, R-Frisco, who unsuccessfully challenged Straus for the speaker job at the beginning of the session. Last night, Basel said of Sandefer: That contribution was from years ago, many years ago. They work for a handful of rich guys who want to be oligarchs.

Basel had mentioned Bresnen to me. I think some people are acting a lot more guilty than others. Steve Bresnen, for one, is acting really, really guilty for no reason I think.

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Just after I left Basel last hiddenvixeo, Bresnen took my place visiting with him in the House Gallery, albeit briefly. From Scott Braddock at Quorum Report: Steve Bresnen, a longtime lobbyist and former aide to Lt. Darby did not elaborate on why he has changed hiddenvide mind about the supposed hours of video the American Phoenix group has been made of lawmakers since the group began filming in and around Auztin Texas Capitol ttexas December. Breitbart has a copy of the entire archive for safety reason. We have Austin texas hiddenvideo sex of national media partners. Basel said there was never any intention to uiddenvideo anything during the session. We were never etxas to say anything during session.

It will be hiddenvixeo over the next twelve months, starting hiddnevideo in a month probably. It will probably take at lest 12 months to go through all this, and there are separate stories. One of the other issues with some of our investigations is these abusive, sexually and otherwise, abusive relationships that legislators have with their staff. Several female legislators, including Rep. Of the stalking charge, Basel, speaking generally I did not specifically ask him about Davissaid: They need to be careful. I realize that these legislators and some of these lobbyists lie for a living ,but lying to the cops, filing a false report, is a crime. As Tim Eaton described it: We use the spelling that comports with the judgment.

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