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I'm not sure if employees are banned from leaning on things as they are at Nordstromand Lookng quite sure they can't legally accept returns as Nordstrom very famously doesbut it's a deluxe experience regardless. Walk in and you'll see walls covered with more than a hundred strains of flower and dozens of edibles and concentrates that are probably selling for as cheap as you can find them.

The Stranger's Guide to Every Recreational Weed Store in Seattle

When I ask one of the budtenders behind the counter to show me a unique product they carry, she pulls a packet of six pre-rolled joints from a display in the corner. As for the shop itself, they pack a surprising amount of pot into a relatively small space. It has a fireplace without fireand a great big mirror above the mantel where a black sign advertises the daily specials in neon marker. Uncle Ike's on 23rd sells almost twice as much product every month as its closest competitor in Seattle.