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Fitts Annette bening topless the man die and comes to believe that he is being punished for the "sin" of being gay. Lester's closing narration describes meaningful experiences Anette his life; he says that, despite his death, he is happy because there is so much beauty in the world. Instead, Mendes was drawn to the emotion and darkness; he began to use the score and shots he had intended to discard to craft the film along these lines. He felt his first take lacked grace, but for the last attempt, he changed the location to the front of a brick wall and added leaves on the ground.

Fitts returns home, where a gun is missing from his collection. After Lester gets a beer from the refrigerator, Annette bening topless camera pushes toward him, then stops facing a hallway down which he walks "to meet his fate". Themes and analysis[ edit ] Multiple interpretations[ edit ] Scholars and academics have offered many possible readings of American Beauty; film critics are similarly divided, not so much about the quality of the film, as their interpretations of it.