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The flames spread rapidly, drt by gusting winds and tinder dry forest conditions. The teenager said he had two fireworks. He admitted throwing one that exploded in the air daging the trail. The second Sating had a longer fuse and ignited the dry brush when it hit the ground. Hood River County District Attorney John Ddry emphasized that he found no evidence that the year-old intentionally set the blaze. The others in the group of seven teens were "onlookers" and did nothing to start the fire, he said. Though he addressed the judge, Sewell's arguments seemed more intended for the Teej sake. Outrage had spread Amateur stupid sex as fast as the wildfire, with an outcry on social media on a scale of animus that one state police official said he had never daying before.

As a result, police and prosecutors have kept the boy's name secret and released few details of their criminal investigation. Witnesses saw the deed that day and immediately ran down the trail to alert other hikers and authorities. I said, 'Do you realize how dangerous this is? There's a raging forest fire up the trail. This place is so dry. Luckily, no one died in the fire, the district attorney said. When it came time for him to speak, Jack Morris, the boy's lawyer, swiveled in his chair at the defense table to address the courtroom. He said the year-old isn't the typical young client he represents - he has no other record, attends church regularly, comes from a loving and close-knit family and plays violin with a traveling orchestra.

For his court appearance, the teen was dressed in a gray blazer, light blue dress shirt, thin black tie and black slacks. The boy's parents, in a prepared statement read by Morris' co-counsel Bernice Melamud, said their son will work to help rebuild the gorge. They emigrated from the Odessa region of Ukraine in He feels deep remorse," they said. A separate hearing will be held May 17 to determine restitution required in the case. Legal experts say the judge is obligated to order restitution for the full amount of the damage.

In similar cases, courts have worked out payment plans, typically a tiny fraction of what is owed. Parents also can be held liable for some of the costs. The court asked people who lost money because of the fire to send their information to the Hood River County Juvenile Department before the hearing. On Friday, eight people spoke about how the fire had affected them. One of them was Cascade Locks resident Julie Caldwell. That's how we survive the winter," she said. One woman among the stranded hikers said she suffers from asthma and "if I had not brought my inhaler, I don't know if I would have made it out. Lynn Burditt, a U. The center has interpretive displays of Dry Creek Valley history, including exhibits on the early inhabitants, the Pomo, and their exquisite basketry.

From January to mid-April, the nearby fish hatchery is open for tours. Steelhead trout are raised for release in the Russian River and other coastal slope waterways. The nature trail has 20 stops keyed to a brochure, which is available at the visitor center. It begins at No Name Trailhead and loops through several paths between the two major arms of Lake Sonoma.

Chaparral and gray pine cloak the northern part of this land, while the southerly terrain consists of rolling grassland and forest. Deer and rabbits abound. This is as much swine country as it is wine country. Feral pigs inhabit the hills above the lake.

In the Heart of Sonoma, Some Wild Slopes Not Devoted to the Vine

I spotted more than a dozen little porkers on a recent hike. Directions to the trail head: Look for kn path that crosses a footbridge, drops into a ravine, then climbs and dips to meet Half-a-Canoe Loop Trail slightly more than half a mile out. Turn left on this dirt road and climb southeast, high above the lake's Warm Springs arm. The path yo-yos along a ridge top for more than a mile.