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Some men like Pius Githinji are afraid of successful women because they lack personality. Even my friends started nairobii me. Can you believe she introduced herself as a graduate from a certain university each time we met new people. Men misread them Having a busy and successful career changes the way a woman acts while in love and in a relationship.

Sex hook ups in nairobi work and relationships can be a real ongoing challenge. Have class and lack style To attract a man, a woman must also put some effort. The greatest mistake that most corporate women make is assuming that they can put let their guard down when they are not at the workplace. She has no excuse. You never know when you will meet the man of your dreams. Second wife mentality Women are usually pickier than men. Deal breakers for women include laziness, disheveled look, being too needy and bad sex. We have so many women preferring to be second wives. Alice Muthoni, a senior education officer, is dating her boss but hardly spends time with him.

Her friends on the other hand are too busy with their families and since she does not have one herself, they have no common meeting ground. According to psychologist Faith Atsango of Malek Consulting, contrary to the belief that men fear successful women, only a small percentage of men are actually intimidated by such women. She says that though there are studies that suggest men are scared of successful women, none is conclusive. A woman who heads a blue-chip company can easily get a partner from her crowd. But still, there are men, who are in the lowest category financially or socially, but have no qualms dating high achieving women.

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