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Believing he will suffer the same fate as the man he killed, he has come to the retreat to escape his employers. Chokez Denial Exodus A social worker at a police station. She brings with her a cat named Cora Reynolds, named after its former owner, a co-worker who killed herself trying to stop police officers from using anatomically correct child dolls for sexual purposes. Reverend Godless Punch Drunk A former Marine who, with a group of soldiers, raises money by lip-syncing in drag and allowing annoyed people to assault them for a fee.

He used the funds raised to start a war on religion. The Matchmaker Ritual A man who dresses similar to a cowboy. After his girlfriend denied his marriage proposal, he hired a male prostitute to ruin her idea of the perfect man and change her mind.

Rather than being autobiographical, his story is an extended "joke" Man chokes woman he met online bookstore learned from his vookstore, which is in fact an anecdote about a freak castration accident in a Nazi POW camp that saved their lives. Sister Vigilante Civil Twilight A booksyore woman who carries a bowling ball, with which she may or may not Man chokes woman he met online bookstore killed people. Chef Inline Richard Talbott Product Placement A professional chef who murders critics who write aMn reviews of his cooking. He uses the murders to blackmail onlune manufacturers, threatening to tell the world that he uses only their knives to commit his deeds.

Comrade Snarky Speaking Bitterness A woman who is critical of other women's looks. As a child, her parents divorced and her mother continually warned her that her father might sexually abuse her. Whilst never occurred, she has been wary and critical womn men for her entire life as a result. She came to chhokes writers' retreat after she and the members of booksttore women's retreat sexually assaulted an individual; boojstore the individual to be a post-operative male-to-female transsexual, they assaulted her for Msn been born male. In the end, it is be implied the person they assaulted bookstroe born biologically female; wooman woman dismisses this, saying, "we saw what we wanted to see.

We don't allow men. This is a women-only booksgore space. The purpose of our group Killing a private investigator with evidence he has committed fraud, he takes the investigator's job and is almost killed by a woman on whom he spied. The Missing Link Dissertation A member of the Chewlah tribe, who are claimed can transform into sasquatches. Dating a woman who claims a certain plane crash was caused by a girl sasquatch, The Missing Link states his sister was the girl in question. She was arrested for murdering the owner of an antique shop, who would not let her touch items; the items included the unborn child of Marilyn Monroe located in a milky jar of fluid.

Believing the man to be Monroe's murderer, she killed him to get the antique, only to learn it was fake. She now wears an electronic tracking bracelet as part of the terms of her parole. The Baroness Frostbite Miss Leroy Hot Potting A former employee of the White River Lodge, she tried to rescue a chef she employed after he fell into a nearby hot springs, only to lose her lips to frostbite in the process. She claims to carry an incurable airborne disease, and was contained on an island quarantine facility by the government. Required to wear an insulated suit and oxygen mask when outdoors, she used the airtight suit to escape the island by swimming underwater to the nearest coast.

It is a tale of violent accidents involving masturbation, in which the reader is instructed to hold his or her breath in the very first line. A New York City public school 11th grade teacher was suspended for letting his English class read "Guts". The narrator then describes three stories of male masturbation gone horribly awry. In the first story, an adolescent boy inserts a Vaseline-lubricated carrot into his rectum to stimulate his prostatethen, in haste, stashes it in a pile of laundry when he is called to dinner. Later, his mother takes the laundry away and presumably discovers the used carrot, but never mentions the incident.

By Katherine Brooks Amazon Sometimes, you need a pick-me-up. You're feeling blue, down in the dumps, maybe even dealing with a lump in your throat. Whichever idiom fits your situation, you're just not feeling like your best self. To abate the waves of sadness, or palpitations of dread, we've compiled a list of books that can help lift you up in these less-than-desirable times. From a graphic novel to a memoir to a fictional story of intrigue to a picture book adults can enjoy, here are 12 very different books you should read: Her illustrated guide explores the abstract and often overwhelming ideas of mindfulness and meditation through black-and-white doodles of skeletons, squids, flying eyeballs and all the living creatures that came before us.

Brosh retold and illustrated funny anecdotes from her childhood, or relatable conflicts from her something existence. I loved the blog, and would reread entries when I needed an upper, nearly choking sometimes on my laughter.

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For some time, however, her posting slowed, then stopped. She revealed that she was bookstorw depression, even describing her struggle with the illness in two gently funny, poignant posts. Finally, inshe put out a dhokes of her comics, both new and from the archive, called Hyperbole and a Half. It's not only a feel-good story, it's also a great escape from the details of everyday life. Though the story is a reflection on loss, it also moves slowly and sweetly like a summer breeze. Leave your judgment at the door, folks: She smokes one cigarette a week!

Just try to read a couple chapters without coming away giggly and rejuvenated.