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Embracing a new chapter in her life, Ramona is single and ready to mingle—but first she has to sharpen her dating skills. Dorinda continues to grow in her relationship with John but constantly finds herself defending it to others, leaving her torn between her heart Foxtel dating show her friends. Carole is enjoying her growing romance with her younger beau, Adam, but needs to come to grips with what their relationship truly means. With her daughter away at boarding school, Sonja is experiencing empty-nest syndrome as she focuses her sights on rebuilding friendships and tackling new business ventures.

Julianne "Jules" Wainstein is new to the mix, but she's no stranger to mixing things up. With two young kids taking all of her attention, Jules strives to start a business while leaning hard on her husband to be more supportive. A natural expansion for The Real Housewives franchise, the extravagant, over-the-top city of Dallas is deeply rooted in Texan pride, where people believe that if they are lucky enough to live in the Lone Star State, they are lucky enough. The series delves into the lives of five sophisticated southern socialites — Cary Deuber, Tiffany Hendra, Stephanie Hollman, LeeAnne Locken and Brandi Redmond, along with their friend Marie Reyes — as they climb their way to the top of the city's most exclusive circle.

Pedigree and status may grant an automatic invite to the most exclusive gatherings in town, but one misstep could send anyone to the blacklist. Pecking orders and relationships are at stake when old-money meets new-money meets no-money, and these ladies soon realise who will survive the twists and turns, and who will be left in the dust to lick their wounds.

Seven and Foxtel confirm Presto TV launch date

Southern Charm Season FFoxtel premieres Datong April 12 at 9: Their tumultuous relationship creates a group divided as new feuds emerge and old feuds die hard. Meanwhile, southern belle Cameran, whose booming real estate ventures find sow in bed with Shep, at least professionally, must decide if she ever wants to hsow the baby Foxtel dating show and enter motherhood. After a detox in Delaware, Craig returns to Charleston determined to prove he's a changed man, thanks in part to his new girlfriend, Naomie. As Whitney contemplates the notion of leaving Charleston for good to follow his passion for film production, Craig accuses him of running away from his true love and personal scandal back at home.

But not everyone is eager to settle down. Shep, the resident bachelor and ladies' man, finds a new partner-in-leisure in Landon, who's just as dedicated to riding the waves of life. However, Landon has a revelation that could change their decade-long friendship forever. Foxtel iQ[ edit ] Foxtel launched Foxtel iQ in early It is a timeshifting personal digital recorder in which subscribers are able to record programs onto a hard drive inside the set-top unit for later viewing.

Foxtel iQ includes a feature called Series Link, which lets the viewer choose to record all future episodes in a given television series availability is limited Foxtel dating show certain programmes. Foxtel iQ also allows viewers to use live rewind and pause features during television programmes. Two new services, On Demand and Remote Record, launched in Remote Record was launched on 1 January and allows users to log into the interactive TV guide Foxtel dating show the Foxtel website and then command their iQ at home to record shows, while on Demand was launched on 8 February There are currently two models of Foxtel iQ, with identical functionality to the user but different audio-visual output abilities.

Both models have two tuners, allowing users to record two programs or record one and watch one simultaneously. Pace plc are the set top box provider for iQ, of which they claim that the cable version of iQ is the first DVB -based cable digital video recorder. Within Foxtel and Telstra, these boxes are referred to as iQ 1. The unit also offers HDMI connectivity. The fourth tuner is reserved for on demand content. The iQ3 contains increased internet connectivity with the inclusion of WiFi, the ability to rewind to the beginning of a program midway through a program even if the viewer was not viewing the channel at the time of the start of the program. The iQ3 includes a 1 terabyte hard drive 3x the capacity of the previous iQHD and a bluetooth remote.

Foxtel denied such claims as newfound market rival Netflix emerged. Its first use was in a Foxtel advertising campaign created by Three Drunk Monkeys. Since the Foxtel advertisement, other Australian businesses and advertising firms[ which? Under the legislation pay TV licensees are prevented from bidding for major sporting events until a right is acquired by the ABCSBS or a free-to-air commercial network.